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Attention, please? :3


Hi everyone. My name is Shuichi, it is a pleasure to meet you all. I've recently just joined the community, I had no idea that it was here to be honest.

But I'm going to cut straight to the point.

I'm looking for a group to attend the 2008 Kumoricon convention with. This might be just a little bit sad that I'm posting an entry like this but it is in fact the truth, the real deal. (I'm not joking.)

Anyway, I have a group of about 6 at the most, currently, (this does not include myself), but I am wanting to make those numbers a bit bigger. Just because it is a lot more fun to be in a bigger group.

So all I need to know is if anyone here is willing to go to that convention in a group with myself and others.

Info about myself is always up on my little profile upon the myspace server: click here or just visit the profile page of my LJ located here. Whichever you prefer. :D

Let me know if you're interested by either commenting here, sending me a message/comment on my myspace profile page, or emailing me at

Also, if anyone is interested in cosplaying, that would be fun as well. :D My cosplay ideas for this year have been posted in a blog which you can find on my myspace.

Thank you for reading this message. And if this sort of thing isn't allowed or needs to be put in a LJ cut, let me know. Thanks! :D
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