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Kumori Con's Journal

Monday, September 13, 2010

3:23PM - Do you like steampunk?

Hi there! I thought I would plug this year's VCON, Vancouver B.C.'s SF/F convention. This year, the theme is steampunk! Please follow the links for more information. The con runs Oct. 1-3; if you're interested, take action soon!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

3:11PM - Just wondering...

I just thought that I would throw this question out there:

Is there anyone cosplaying characters from Vampire Knight and or Yu Yu Hakusho this year at the con?

I'm thinking that I'll be cosplaying as Yuuki and Kurama at the con this year, and was curious if there was anyone I could meet up with? *is a first time cosplayer*

Just curious, if there is anyone cosplaying from either one of those fandoms, please feel free to leave a comment here or on my journal.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

2:26AM - Nekopan Bakery

As it stands at this moment Nekopan Bakery will not be allowed to sell food at Kumoricon this year.
Those of you who've had their cupcakes have probably just gotten suddenly very upset. You're not alone.
I'm sure the Kumoricon staff is doing all it can do to reverse the hotels decision, but we can do stuff too. I don't mean harass the hotel or anything, lord knows that won't work. But we can, each of us, send a polite respectful letter to the hotel explaining why Nekopan is so important to us, and why it might be in their best interest to let Nekopan stay.
And no, we still might not be able to do our panel, or sell cupcakes. But if we set a good example this year, they may allow us to come back next year.

I've already sent my letter to this email pdxph.salesadm@hilton.com
I implore you to do the same in your own words. I urge you to be polite and respectful, please think about what your are writing and word it carefully. Threats and warning would only deter the hotel from allowing us back.
I'm including the letter I sent as a reference if you require.
And please spread the word around!

Dear Hilton,
I am an unofficial representative of the Kumoricon convention that is being held at your hotel Labor Day weekend. I am in no way affiliated with the convention other than I enjoy attending it every year, and am friends with many of the people who make it happen. Everyone I've talked to so far has been really excited to be at your hotel this year, we've been in need of a larger venue for awhile now, and from picture it looks like your hotel would provide plenty of room for the amount of people who usually attend. Many who used to be turned away for lack of space.

Because of how excited we were, we were surprised and disappointed when we heard that Nekopan Bakery, a firm staple at this convention for many years now, would not be allowed to sell their cupcakes this year. The Nekopan group is run by a woman who is possibly the most polite and respectful person you will ever meet, if you tell her not to sell something, she most defiantly will not. I'm writing to make a plea on her behalf. Like I mentioned before, Nekopan cupcakes are a staple at Kumoricon, they have flavors that you can't find anywhere else, and I know for a fact that many convention guests will be sorely disappointed if they are not made available.

I can think of one major argument against Nekopan which of course would be money. The belief that Nekopan selling their cupcakes would take money away from the food services you provide in your hotel. But I urge you to consider my argument.

A: Nekopan would only be open during the hours the dealers rooms are open. At anime conventions we run around during the day, but prefer to stick to the convention center in the evening so as to be close to the action, and not to miss anything. And since the dealers room will be closed well before then, there wouldn’t be any competition at all.

B: A large number of attendees are also accompanied by their parents who would ask that their children have something healthy first. The closest thing on hand would be your restaurant, so having Nekopan there might actually encourage people to frequent it.

C: Cupcakes go best with milk, and nobody will be selling milk but you.

D: Let’s face it, if someone wants a Ramune, Green Tea, or Lychee flavored cupcake the desserts at your restaurant won’t cut it. Not allowing Nekopan to operate as they normally would, could actually cause your restaurant some losses as people might travel else ware (Cupcake Jones, St. Cupcake) to find what they’re looking for.

I sincerely hope you reconsider and let Nekopan do what they do best. In all honesty they do it because they love it and barely make any profit from it. If not I hope that you will allow us our Cupcake Decorating Panel this year. There would be no money involved, we will be sure to clean up. If you leave a vacuum in the room we’ll even do that afterwards too.

Thank you for your time,

Feel free to post this anywhere you'd like.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5:08PM - Sakura Con Booth Madness! Steampunk! Anime!

Hello! I am here and SO FREAKING EXCITED to be telling people that I will again be vending at Sakura-Con 2009 this April 10th-12th in Seattle!!! If you are not going already, get your best outfit and some friends together and DON'T MISS THIS! Our booth will be an AWESOME mix of Steampunk and Cute Lolita Anime! Both of these amazing businesses will be there:

With Wearable Hedonism for the Unreasonably Well Dressed we have Steam Society with all new products!! STUNNING Steampunk jewelry, clothing, goggles and baubles! Check out either of their websites! http://www.steamsociety.com/ OR http://steamsociety.blogspot.com/

Awesomely Adorable Cat Girl Lolita Supplies! Visit
Five Leaf Clover for Amazing Clip On Kitty Ears and a resurgence of the BEST side of Cuteness!

We will have FREE Raffles with FREE stuff (no, really, free anime and cosplay supplies!) , we will be GIVING away Pocky, we will be having Tea Parties for all you Beautiful People!! Come visit us, we would love to be your friend and help make your Con more fun!! Arigato, we love you!

a little x-posted, so sorry if that is troublesome *blush*

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

9:12PM - The Art of Japanese Animation

Hey guys, spork here. I've been going to KumoriCon since 2003. Some of you might know me as "that zoro cosplayer" from NO WEENIES!.

Anyway, I work down at Moshi Moshi and as some of you may know, we are having an art opening tomorrow. Here are the details!

Moshi Moshi Gallery will be presenting "The art of Japanese animation" from August 7th - September 3rd - with the opening reception from 6pm-9pm on Thursday August 7th.
This Exhibition will feature original animation cels and backgrounds used in the production of Japanese cartoons from the 1970's through the current decade featuring:
Last Mystery of the 20th Century
Porco Rosso
GeGeGe No Kitaro
Urusei Yatsura
Star Blazers
Robot Carnival
& lots more....

Come on down, stop on by! COSPLAY IS ENCOURAGED!!

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12:47PM - Are you a staffer?

If you are a Kumoricon Staff member you have the right to vote in our yearly elections. There is currently a proposal to amend the election process so that the general staff elects every member of the board.

Here is the current draft of this proposal, as of 12:49pm today, Wednesday, August 6th.

Proposition to Extend Staff's Right to Vote in Elections

This proposition would amend Kumori Con's bylaws with the following changes:

All previously board-elected positions will become staff-elected positions, following the exact same election procedure as the regular staff-elected positions.

The elections for the previously board-elected positions will take place at a separate public meeting at least two weeks after board elections. There should be enough time between the two elections for additional nominations to be considered.

Summary: As it currently stands, there is a separate, private meeting that takes place after the public elections, giving the board a chance to consider applicants for the four board-elected positions and vote on them. Regular staff are not currently allowed to attend or vote at this election. This amendment would effectively make that meeting public, extend the right to vote to all staff, and give staff the opportunity to hear all candidates.

The debate about this proposal and the discussion of whether or not it should even go to vote is all in this thread on the Kumoricon Forum;

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2:34PM - Potential Cosplayer Inteviews

Hi All, I'm a grad student of anthropology, and I'm writing a master's thesis on cosplay.

I was wondering if any community members would be willing to do a short interview (around 30 minutes) with me about your Japanese pop culture-based costumes (anime, manga, video games, etc.) They can be homemade or store-bought. I would like to hear about your cosplay experiences!

If you're interested in participating or would like more details, please contact me at anthrostudy(at)ymail.com

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

2:54PM - Pocky Club Art Contest - 2008

Crosspost on tee_moss, kumoricon, and pockyclub.

Pocky Club is sponsoring an Art Contest in the Creation Station at Kumoricon 2008. Entries can hand drawn or created on a computer. Entries do need to be in color. We will accept collaborations though, so if one person draws the entry another may ink or color it. Most importantly entries can be drawn before hand or during the convention, so you can hand in your entry at the Creation Station and then enjoy the rest of the convention. Or even email a high resolution version to pockyclub@gmail.com if you can't make it to Kumoricon itself. The judging in each category will be conducted by the Pocky Club membership present on Sunday Night/Monday Morning and Prizes will be awarded on Monday afternoon. Make sure to include your name and email address so we can get you your prize even if you aren't present.

What are the categories though? Here they are, decided upon at last!
All of the Pocky-Tans wear outfits with colors that match their boxes, visit the links to see a scan of the box.

Choco-Tan is friendly and cheerful, cute but not "sexy". She's never the prettiest or the best, but she always does her best and everyone loves her for it. Her hair is dark and not too long but not too short either. Always on the go helping others, she tends towards short skirts/shorts and sneakers, but she always fits in wherever she goes.

Straw-Tan is the sweetest of the bunch and the most popular. She reminds people of the typical popular cheerleader but she's so nice that it's really hard not to like her and her sunny disposition. She almost always wears dresses or skirts, but never in a fancy way. Like a low key lolita.
Note: There are several kinds of Strawberry Pocky. The small box cream, the old style chunk, and the new style chunk. Consider cream as a younger version if you like.

Men-Tan was called a tomboy when she was a kid. Now that she's older she still prefers darker outfits but will wear a skirt if it looks good. She is quite strong willed and independent, sometimes she can be bossy but it's because she . Her hair is long but she usually wears it up so it's out of her way. When she's off relaxing by herself, she will still lounge around in men's clothes.

Green Tea
Green-Tan is very conservative both in her dress and attitude. She keeps her clothes very business like, but she enjoys more traditional Japanese cloths like kimonos for special occasions. Her glasses and long hair give her a look of sophistication no matter what she wears. While she may be serious, that doesn't mean she never smiles. It just takes a lot to get a reaction from her subdued demeanor.
Note: There are several versions of Green Tea. The Mousse and the Marble. We are focusing on the Green Mousse.

Reverse-Tan has been given plenty of nicknames from her friends, like Poar-Tan or Pari-Tan. She's very introverted and never brings attention to herself. You're never quite sure what she's thinking. With all the changes nobody is even sure what her natural hair color is. She always keeps up with the latest trends but she keeps true to herself. It's just that she never opens up to others to let them know. Reverse-Tan may not wear exactly what those around her are wearing, but the colors of her outfits are usually a backwards version of her friends. Like white with red trim if her friend wears red with white trim.
Note: Reverse Pocky has also been called Poare and PariPo over the years but is always basically the same snack. This link takes you to our main pocky page so you can see them all.

Prizes will include a box of Pocky of the flavor appropriate to the category as well as a little bit extra. The main goal of the contest is to decide on the look for each Pocky-Tan so Pocky club can put together commissions from professional artists and also cosplayers dressed as the characters. Pocky Club will credit the original artists but will hold future rights to use the character as they see fit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

9:59AM - May General Meeting

OK, so I know that the drama has blown over but this was funny enough for me to bring up. Through the miracles of technology you home viewers now have a chance to see...
(check the 3:00 marker)

This footage is from the Kumoricon general meeting on May 18th, 2008. The Staze Face is a look that Ryan Stasel, Kumoricon founder and current secretary, gets on his face while he is working on his laptop during meetings. The cause of the face is still unknown but it has become one of his biggest foes in the court of public opinion.

If you want to see the General Meeting video in order, I made a playlist for it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

11:37PM - Nekopan!

Just a little promotion for what I beleive is a worthy cause, CUPCAKES!


I'm really excited that they've decided to attend Kumoricon again this year. I was sorely disappointed when I finished off my last lychee cupcake last year. I understand it's a bit short notice, but most of us get bored on Sundays, so if you've got nothing to do, you should join the party.

Monday, March 24, 2008

10:28PM - Infinite Cuteness and Eternal Friendship! Oh, and FREE POCKY.

If you are going to Sakura Con, and are planning on entering the Dealers room at any point (and lets face it, everyone does when they are bored and suddenly need lots of random stuff), here is a perfect plan to start your browsing. Momo-Neko Chan will be hosting all-day super fun parties, raffles for free stuff, and free pocky EVERY DAY!! They have all your con essentals in one place: adorable clip-on furry kitty ears, kitty hats, anime and gamer hats, gothic lolita parasols, mini-hats and accessories, and anything else your dying-to-be-cute (and awesome) side can think of. Even if you don't want to rock out with us, your girl/boyfriend (or that cute ambiguous Naruto you just met) wants to see us and you can lead the way! Check out the site here for more info and cute pictures, just to convince you even further. If that's possible.


Sunday, February 3, 2008


Pictures of the dance!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

9:51PM - Attention, please? :3


Hi everyone. My name is Shuichi, it is a pleasure to meet you all. I've recently just joined the community, I had no idea that it was here to be honest.

But I'm going to cut straight to the point.

I'm looking for a group to attend the 2008 Kumoricon convention with. This might be just a little bit sad that I'm posting an entry like this but it is in fact the truth, the real deal. (I'm not joking.)

Anyway, I have a group of about 6 at the most, currently, (this does not include myself), but I am wanting to make those numbers a bit bigger. Just because it is a lot more fun to be in a bigger group.

So all I need to know is if anyone here is willing to go to that convention in a group with myself and others.

Info about myself is always up on my little profile upon the myspace server: click here or just visit the profile page of my LJ located here. Whichever you prefer. :D

Let me know if you're interested by either commenting here, sending me a message/comment on my myspace profile page, or emailing me at kioku.no.umi@gmail.com

Also, if anyone is interested in cosplaying, that would be fun as well. :D My cosplay ideas for this year have been posted in a blog which you can find on my myspace.

Thank you for reading this message. And if this sort of thing isn't allowed or needs to be put in a LJ cut, let me know. Thanks! :D

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Friday, September 7, 2007

4:37PM - Pictures...

Hi there everybody! I posted a link on the Kumoricon picture thread, but I figured here might be good too... if I'm wrong you can always just flame me and I'll take this post back down >.<

Anyways I took roughly 170 pictures, of which maybe 100 are good, and the best 70 or so are here on my lj scrapbook! Hope you all enjoy... please contact me (this entry should be fine) if you want to take any of them or just if you want to tell me what you think (either would be much appretiated!)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb47/blackjackrocket/Kumori%20Con%202007/ There's my pictures! I've got the Digimon photoshoot (page 7) and the Thornton panel (page 4) if anyone wants to go directly there.


If you haven't already, the forums on the main site are hopping with post-con discussion that might be worth some participation.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

1:11PM - Darkain.com Private Photoshoots at Kumoricon 2007

Hey all, just for a heads up, I thought I'd mention that I'm offering private photo-shoots during this year's Kumoricon!

All of the details can be found on my Kumoricon Photo-Shoot Schedule Page: http://www.darkain.com/photos/kumoricon.php

Here are some examples of my work from Anime Evolution last week...

Monday, August 13, 2007

7:09PM - The minicon was fun for the proletariate.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

10:22PM - Hey everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you all this year. This'll be my 3rd Kumoricon. If you see me, say HI!

Count of Monte Cristo

Thursday, August 9, 2007

9:14PM - new

So, I've never been to a convention before and I've recently pre-registered for Kumoricon and am really excited but a little nervous seeing as I'll only know the two friends I'm bringing with me.

So in other words, any tips for a n00b?

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