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Sakura Con Booth Madness! Steampunk! Anime!

Hello! I am here and SO FREAKING EXCITED to be telling people that I will again be vending at Sakura-Con 2009 this April 10th-12th in Seattle!!! If you are not going already, get your best outfit and some friends together and DON'T MISS THIS! Our booth will be an AWESOME mix of Steampunk and Cute Lolita Anime! Both of these amazing businesses will be there:

With Wearable Hedonism for the Unreasonably Well Dressed we have Steam Society with all new products!! STUNNING Steampunk jewelry, clothing, goggles and baubles! Check out either of their websites! OR

Awesomely Adorable Cat Girl Lolita Supplies! Visit
Five Leaf Clover for Amazing Clip On Kitty Ears and a resurgence of the BEST side of Cuteness!

We will have FREE Raffles with FREE stuff (no, really, free anime and cosplay supplies!) , we will be GIVING away Pocky, we will be having Tea Parties for all you Beautiful People!! Come visit us, we would love to be your friend and help make your Con more fun!! Arigato, we love you!

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