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Are you a staffer?

If you are a Kumoricon Staff member you have the right to vote in our yearly elections. There is currently a proposal to amend the election process so that the general staff elects every member of the board.

Here is the current draft of this proposal, as of 12:49pm today, Wednesday, August 6th.

Proposition to Extend Staff's Right to Vote in Elections

This proposition would amend Kumori Con's bylaws with the following changes:

All previously board-elected positions will become staff-elected positions, following the exact same election procedure as the regular staff-elected positions.

The elections for the previously board-elected positions will take place at a separate public meeting at least two weeks after board elections. There should be enough time between the two elections for additional nominations to be considered.

Summary: As it currently stands, there is a separate, private meeting that takes place after the public elections, giving the board a chance to consider applicants for the four board-elected positions and vote on them. Regular staff are not currently allowed to attend or vote at this election. This amendment would effectively make that meeting public, extend the right to vote to all staff, and give staff the opportunity to hear all candidates.

The debate about this proposal and the discussion of whether or not it should even go to vote is all in this thread on the Kumoricon Forum;
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