It's HARD being Claire! (notasyouthink) wrote in kumoricon,
It's HARD being Claire!

Infinite Cuteness and Eternal Friendship! Oh, and FREE POCKY.

If you are going to Sakura Con, and are planning on entering the Dealers room at any point (and lets face it, everyone does when they are bored and suddenly need lots of random stuff), here is a perfect plan to start your browsing. Momo-Neko Chan will be hosting all-day super fun parties, raffles for free stuff, and free pocky EVERY DAY!! They have all your con essentals in one place: adorable clip-on furry kitty ears, kitty hats, anime and gamer hats, gothic lolita parasols, mini-hats and accessories, and anything else your dying-to-be-cute (and awesome) side can think of. Even if you don't want to rock out with us, your girl/boyfriend (or that cute ambiguous Naruto you just met) wants to see us and you can lead the way! Check out the site here for more info and cute pictures, just to convince you even further. If that's possible.
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